IANTD Cave Diving Courses

IANTD Intro to Cave

For recreational divers looking for an introduction to the world of cave diving, the intro to Cave Diver program is the perfect place to start. This program is designed to develop skills that will allow diving beyond the entry light zone. It introduces the diver to the skills of self-sufficiency using twinset or sidemount configuration, line following, line laying and emergency procedures. The program can be run as an ongoing course in conjunction with the IANTD Cavern Diver program. IANTD Intro to Cave Divers are qualified to dive the main line of caves within the safe limits of their gas supply. We run this course in Spain, France, Mexico or Florida.

IANTD Cave Diver

The IANTD Cave Diver program is designed to take the diver through all the training necessary to conduct dives in the cave diving environment. Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on developing the diver's equipment configuration, buoyancy control and propulsion techniques to enable safe and efficient cave dives. Line following, line laying and reel use are covered extensively, as are safety skills such as gas, light failure, line loss and buddy drills. An important part of the course is the development of team diving procedures and communication.
We run this course in Spain, France, Mexico or Florida.

Technical Cave/Full Cave

The pinnacle of IANTD cave diver training. The Technical Cave Diver program consists of three distinct modules that can be taken consecutively, in models or individually.
Side Mount Diver: The course trains the diver in the use of side mount and non-mount equipment configurations for the cave diving environment with emphasis on equipment configuration and safety procedures.
Multi-stage Diving: The course extends the cave penetration capabilities of cave divers through the use of multiple cylinders during planned inward swimming. Emphasis is on gas management planning and emergency procedures.
We run this course in Spain, France, Mexico or Florida.

Become a Cave diver 

Discover a different world, the dark zone awaits you. Expand your skills as a diver.
Join the world of cave diving.

Five basic rules for cave diving safety that must be followed by every diver are:

Always use a continuous guideline to the surface.
Save two-thirds of the total air supply for returning to the surface.
Carry at least three lights during the dive.
Limit dive depth to that appropriate for the gas being breathed.