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Blackfins Diving

With 30 years of experience in the diving industry we specialise in the training of advanced divers around the world. 
We Offer a wide range of courses from specialties all the way to technical instructor development.
Whether it's advancing your diving knowledge and skills, peaking into technical diving, or becoming a technical instructor, we are ready to guide you along the way.
Here you will find virtually all the open circuit diving courses IANTD, TDI, SSI and BSAC can offer.
We are IANTD Silver training Facility #1658

Technical Diving Instructor Trainer

Grab the opportunity to become a more proficient diver and expand your diving knowledge.

Are you ready to explore overhead environments?

Technical Diving

Do you want to explore deeper depths, and experience longer dives? When you feel it is time for new challenges, technical diving is the logical progression for your growth as a diver. Our technical diving courses increase your knowledge and  skills.

Cave Diving

The IANTD Intro to Cave course is the perfect way to develop the fundamentals of cave diving. The Full Cave and Technical Cave courses will expand your limits and teach you the necessary procedures to conduct longer and deeper overhead dives.

Sidemount Diving

Diving with Sidemount configuration in different environments requires training and knowledge of the different configurations. It is minimalistic and provides the diver with simple and effective procedures, and therefore is considered the most versatile, streamlined and flexible way to dive.

Recreational Courses

If you want to get your first dive certification or if you are an advanced diver and want to be ready for the next step.
We have courses at all levels that will introduce you to different environments for you to discover.
Extend your horizons with us

Instructor Training

Becoming an IANTD Instructor offers an opportunity to transmit your knowledge, experience and diving skills to the divers of tomorrow. With your IANTD Instructor Trainer as your mentor, Instructor courses are designed to develop and enhance your diving, teaching and supervisory skills in a controlled and structured manner.

Guided Diving

Do you want logistical support on your dive trips, with the personalised assistance of our instructors? We can help you, with expertise and contacts in Malta, Florida, Spain, Lot, Scapa flow, Cenotes (Mexico), etc...



Blackfins philosophy

We believe it is best to be cautious and demanding in training.
Our programs are designed to develop excellent aquatic skills and build committed divers.
The techniques and the drills we teach will allow you to reach your full potential.
Acquiring the skills in this type of training will reward you by becoming a safe, confident and self-sufficient diver.
These are the keys to developing competence and confidence.
Our focus is on content and quality training.


Λ-tech diving

Aithne is an IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix instructor with several years’ experience diving and teaching in the UK. Aithne is a dedicated, charismatic, and excellent diver. Currently dividing her time between Scotland and London, Aithne is instructing open circuit technical diving on a part time basis.



Originally from Argentina, he started diving at a very young age, worked in different countries and now he is fully dedicated to cave diving, technical, sidemount diving and instructor training. He currently runs courses in United Kingdom, Malta, Spain, France, Mexico and Florida.


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We help you to re-connect with the ‘why’ you want dive. With therapeutic support you will be able to control your anxiety and build on your skills.
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