Meet our team


Sergio is an instructor with a long professional career. He has worked in different countries and has trained countless divers and professionals.
He is an IANTD instructor trainer, IANTD full cave instructor, TDI, SSI and PDIC instructor.
As a professional he has trained different police forces, army officer academies and fire brigades. He has written several articles in magazines, websites and has participated in television programs in Brazil and Argentina.
Currently teaches cave diving, technical and instructor training courses in different countries in Europe and worldwide.


Λ-tech diving
Aithne began her diving career at Imperial College BSAC club, quickly moving up the ranks to become an Advanced Diver/CMAS 4* and instructor. She teaches many additional specialist skills such as compressor operator and boat handling, organising large training events at both a club and regional level. A keen wreck and cave diver, she is happiest watching her deco clock up inside a WW2 battleship. Originally from Inverness, you’ll find her an active member of the diving community from the North of Scotland to the South Coast.
Within the technical sphere, Aithne has gained substantial experience teaching open circuit technical diving. After transitioning to IANTD, Aithne completed her Normoxic Plus in Malta, and has since completed her IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor course.
Currently dividing her time between Scotland and London, Aithne is instructing open circuit technical diving on a part time basis.