Advanced recreational Trimix Instructor

A. Purpose

1. This Program is designed to allow Instructors to teach Recreational Trimix and Advanced Recreational Trimix,
including all other programs an Advanced EANx Instructor may teach.
2. Advanced EANx Instructors who are also Normoxic Trimix Divers or Trimix Divers may teach this program
without attending an IDP.

B. Prerequisites

► Must meet all qualifications for Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor or equivalent and complete either
the Advanced Recreational Trimix IDP or Advanced Recreational Trimix IEC
► NOTE: Advanced EANX Instructors who are also Normoxic Trimix Divers may teach the Recreational Trimix
and Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver program
1. Certification Requirements:
a. Must be qualified as an IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver Supervisor or Normoxic Trimix
b. Must be qualified as an Oxygen Provider, CPR and Diving First Aid
► Complete these qualifications in conjunction with the IDP or IEC.
► NOTE: If taking the program using Sidemount configuration, the candidate must also be qualified as
IANTD Open Water Sidemount Diver
2. Age Requirement:
a. Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
3. Dive Experience:
a. Must provide proof of a minimum of 100 logged dives, of which:
I. At least 50 were a combination of Deep Diver dives between 90 fsw (27 msw) and 150 fsw (45 msw)
Advanced EANx dives with at least 25 decompression dives within the Advanced EANx or Advanced
Recreational Trimix limits.
II. Prior to being qualified at the Recreational Trimix Instructor level it must have assisted in at least
three (3) courses from one (1) or more of the following IANTD Qualification Programs:
i. Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, EANx Diver, Deep Diver, and Advanced EANx Diver
and Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver.

C. Program Content

1. A 7 day Program directing the Instructor candidate in the methods and techniques of training IANTD Divers.
► Upgrade program 3 days

D. Equipment Requirements

1. All Equipment Requirements listed in the IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver Program are mandatory.
2. IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver Student Kit.
E. Program Limits
1. Same as for the IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver Program

F. Qualification Renewal

1. Teach a minimum of three (3) IANTD Diver Programs annually which (2) two must be your highest level.
► NOTE: If the instructor has any overhead environment qualification, one (1) class must be the highest
overhead environment and one (1) must be the highest level for Open Water (Ex.: 1 Advanced
Recreational Trimix Program and 1 Introductory to Cave Diver Program) , or co-teach three (4) IANTD
Diver Programs which two (2) must be as defined above.

G. After Certified

1. After certified, the Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor will be able to teach the following IANTD programs:
a. IANTD Open Water program;
b. IANTD Advanced Open Water Diver program;
c. IANTD Deep Diver program;
d. IANTD Rescue Diver program.
► NOTE: If the IANTD Instructor is not an IANTD Instructor for IANTD CPR, IANTD Diving First Aid and IANTD
Oxygen Administrator, the diver must be already certified for this levels by another IANTD Instructor or
have equivalent qualifications with this levels.
e. IANTD Dive Master program
f. EANx Diver program
g. Recreational Trimix Diver program
h. Advanced EANx Diver program
i. Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver Program
► NOTE: If diving in conditions significantly different from those previously experienced the Assistant
Instructor shall require an appropriate orientation.

H. Physical Evaluation

1. Complete the Sport Diving Instructor Watermanship

Minimum certification requirements:

Satisfactorily complete the course written examination
Complete all open water requirements safely and efficiently
Demonstrate mature, sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution